Monday, February 18, 2008

Relief and Relax

Often, relief is describe by people as the best feeling in the world. When you having been holding on for 30 mins and then let it go, it feels fantastic. If you have a itch and you scratch it, it feels better than a massage. However, relief is always preceded by a bad or unwanted situation. To feel this "best feeling" in the world, you have to suffer....interesting (no pain no gain?).

The power of relaxing is a powerful thing indeed. Smokers use cigarette's to help relax and calm them. Alcohol is used to steady the nerves. However, I was thinking about just a day off after you have worked your butt off for the last week or two. Just sitting down and relaxing, doing nothing, wasting the day can feel so good. Relaxing is an essential part of everyone's lives. Too many of us suffer from burnout and we need to actually take care of ourselves and treat ourselves to good times.

So do it...DO IT NOW!