Thursday, October 29, 2009

Digital Window Shopper

I've been looking at buying a lot of things on the internet lately without actually buying anything.

I've always wanted a cool phone since the first every iphone came on the market but could never justify the money to buy one, especially being a poor student at the time of its release. Lately I've been having a few other ideas and have been wanting the HTC - Hero which looks sexy as.

My friend James Farrier is also a big phone fan and we've been swapping url links to different sites. With him being in Australia, the phones are cheaper and they get the latest models. However there is a new HTC that will come out soon and I think I might get it. I recently got a $500usd windfall so that can help take a big chunk of that.

This is supposedly a leaked picture of the HTC - Dragon.
1GHZ Snapdragon processor
Android v2.0
4.3inch screen with 800x600 resolution