Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I try to be optimistic

First time I've had a birthday in which I've been alone. Can't say that I like it much.

This morning was a happy time. I love my kids. Wish I could have just hung out instead of having to teaching them.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Real Disappointment

I think for the first time in my life I've felt real disappointment. I had school assembly on this week and my class and I have been working frantically for a whole week.

Today rolls around and I wake up at 530am, it is raining and I can't get back to sleep because I am so excited for the children. When I get to school I got told that the children won't be there to see the assembly because it is too wet. We would have to do it in a near empty hall and then have it replayed back to the kids later.

Man was I shattered. I had prepared myself for such an awesome assembly that I did not even think about what if it got cancelled. Why was I so devastated? I think it's because of the work load at school. We have had a lot to do, reports, observations from upper management, reading tests, math tests and to top that off, I have to try and actually teach.

I'm not complaining about the work load, but when things get done and you see appreciation, it is all worth it. It's like washing the dishes at home, most of the time it is a thankless job that needs to be done. I wanted the school to see and appreciated what my class and I had done.

Obviously I couldn't do anything about it. The gods were not looking favorably.

Would I change anything? Nope...but it is definitely not a feeling I would like to feel again anytime soon.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Kitties

My two kittens are doing very well. They like to play a lot and do lots of hilarious things for me to laugh at. Recently I moved in with a friend of mine and he has been getting great entertainment from them.

Last week I got them both name tags to go with their collars. I've let them go outside for the very first time and I can tell you that I was very nervous. Just praying they would come back! Sure enough they do.

I do have a bugbear though. What is with the 5.30am face lick? I mean, the sun hasn't even come out yet and I get some coarse wet sandpaper scrapped across my face. I even try to cover my face, but Audee (the new kitten) just finds a spot to crawl under and recommence operation lick.