Sunday, August 23, 2009

10 things we hate to pay for....Yeah Right

Read an article about your top 10 things you hate to pay for. I agreed with some while others I think is just a big meh. Here is the top 10 with a few random comments thrown in.

1 ATM fees

Using your ATM (Eftpos card) at a machine different from your regular Bank will cost you something from 75 cents to 1 dollar every time you use it. Banks make a lot of money this way because we are unsuspecting. However this has never really affected me as I have always been on a student account which means I don't have to pay those ATM fees. To other people who care...well you should planned to get money out before it was too late!

2 Movie tickets and refreshments

Totally agree with this one. I worked for Cirque du Soleil once selling popcorn etc and got abused by the customers because it was so expensive. $6 for a coke? $8 for Lion Red? Get out of town!


The article talking about carpark parking (tournament parking) rather than street parking, which I think is WAY more annoying. When do you have coins? Sure you can use a credit card but they charge you 50cents just so you can pay them! Ludicrous

4 BYO at restaurants

Look, restaurants lose money when you bring in your own wine because they don't sell you any. They provide you with not only opening the wine (the only thing the article stated) but they have to provide you with wine glasses and that also involves cleaning them. So if they charge you a few dollars...why should you care?

5 Bottled water

Look your a sucker for buying it, and an idiot for complaining that you have to pay so much for it. Go buy yourself a sports bottle and fill it up from those metal thingee's in your house. I think they're called taps.

6 Holiday surcharges

"It doesn't change the fact it's annoying," said student Sara Blair, 22. "Why does French toast cost 15 per cent more? You're better off making it yourself at home."

The people who complain are the people who have a) never worked in the food industry or b) never thought about it. If a place makes $2000 a day. then 15% is only $300 extra. That place/cafe has about 5-7 staff that need to be paid 50% on top of whatever they already earn. Let's say they are all on minimum wage (unlikely because chef's aren't) then 6 (use the avg) staff; times 8 hours; times $12.50; equals 600. half of that is $300...the exact total of what they "make" extra. But remember kids I calculated everyone at minimum wage.

And anyways, wouldn't you kick up a fuss if every food place was closed on public holidays? Where would you eat?

7 Online ticketing

Buying an event ticket online is supposed to be a stress-free, comfortable way to gain access to an event. But is spending an extra $8 for a delivery fee or $5 for a "service fee" - even when you print your ticket at home - really worth it?

This one I totally agree with. There are so many expenses that these events don't have to spend on (printing, paper, staff, location), yet you have to pay MORE money when you take out those factors. What a joke.

8 Expensive dental fees

I'm surprised that this isn't higher in the list. They are only ever expensive because most of us don't go and get regular check ups.

9 Wedding surcharges

I have no idea because I don't have any experience in this area, but mention the word "wedding" to a florist, photographer or anyone and the price instantly jumps 4 fold.

10 Commodity price rises

Just about every time you head to the supermarket or petrol station, you're faced with a higher price. According to Statistics New Zealand, food prices increased 2.8 per cent in June - the largest monthly increase since a 3.8 per cent increase in July 1989, when GST was increased from 10 per cent to 12.5 per cent.

Electricity rates rose by 60 cents between February last year and June this year while petrol prices reached a peak of $2.11 a litre in June last year. And from October 1, we will be forced to pay an additional 3c petrol tax when we fill up.

Have these people not heard of inflation? It's been happening for quite a few years now...someone didn't get the memo.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What the?

The government have recently said they can't afford $2.5 million dollars to fund therapy services for children with disabilities. Yet not too long ago the government (the same one) spent large sums of money bailing out Fisher & Paykel.

I don't get it...

Everyone should get a fair shot at life and those kids have got the short end of the stick so far and now the government want to poke them with it.