Sunday, September 13, 2009

Undie 500

The Undie 500 is an annual event that starts off in Christchurch (NZ) and ends in Dunedin. It is an event held by students who travel in cars worth under $500. Sounds fun? Yeah it does. However, every year police have arrested many people because of riotous behaviour. This year was no exception with 20 people being arrested but it was a drop from last years number of 50 so that is a positive.

Well that's what police thought...

Last night another 60 people were arrested after police faced a mob of 600 people. They used so much pepper spray that they had to call for more.

I understand mob mentality but what I don't get is why people would want to join the Undie 500 knowing that it ends in riots. What I really don't get it why people would want a second night of it. These people who start the riots are not known criminals (well I don't think so) but university students who are supposedly semi-intelligent.

There must be something seriously wrong down there in the South Island because this isn't an isolated incident but happens year after year. Police have said that any arrested don't get diversion because of the no-diversion policy for the Undie 500.

I hope they all get convictions. Idiots.