Saturday, December 17, 2011

Business Class...yeah baby!

So yesterday I flew business class for the very first time. My dad upgraded my ticket to Melbourne with his air points and now I'm here!

Airport: You don't have to wait in long queue's and checking through customs is much faster.
Lounge: So it is a really nice and spacious area, lots of seats and tables. There is a nice dining area where you can help yourself to the food, and a very nice selection of drinks at the help yourself bar.

I tried a few things like mini shepards pie (good), chicken with cheese (dry), Slices of eye fillet with spring onions (yum) and Cold smoked salmon with apple and radish salad (yum). I down those with a couple of CC and drys.

Also in the lounge is a very lavish bathroom with showers and grooming areas. Towels, toothbrush and combs etc. are all provided.

Seat: The leg space! You can see immediately why you pay at least double for the ticket and it's because you get twice the space. The chair can vibrate and recline fully. Please watch this in-flight demo.

Service: Pretty much the service is amazing. You get a lot of one to one service. They are very friendly, know you by your last name, take your orders on paper and then serve it to you. None of this drag a cart and block up the lane crap.

Food: Pretty decent menu. I forgot to take pictures of the main courses tho =(
I got to have my cousin's dinner as he wasn't hungry, so I order for me Prawns and salmon salad and the Ricciole pasta with spinach and ricotta cheese (win) and I also ordered two desserts (win). 

Lavender Panna Cotta

Lemon Tart but It was really a Lemon Cheesecake

So my first ever flight on business class was awesome. If I was only ever going one way to somewhere I would definitely consider it. It can get really costly though if you go both ways.