Friday, August 22, 2008

It could be anything

I got the fever about two days ago. It also came with bonus stomach cramps and a sore lower back, so I went to the doctors yesterday. I had to go to the city because there were no doctors near my area (Thorndon). I went to the first doctors and they said they were all booked out and that the earliest they could see me was next week, but try the one down the road. So I go to the one down the road and they say the same thing to me. I asked them if there was any place near by that would take in walk in's. The secretary talked to the doctor and she agreed to see me.

Now before this point I'm wondering to myself, 90% of people go to the doctors because they have just gotten sick. How do you book out the doctor for 3 days? Are these people psychic and know they are going to get sick a few days in advance?

I walk into the doctors office and she asks me random questions, gets me to take a urine sample, gives my tummy a bit of a feel, feels my glands, checks my temperature. "It could be anything, there are many things going about these days" said the doctor. I successfully prevent myself from rolling my eyes. She tells me to go take a blood test, gives me a prescription for some drugs and send me on my way.

So earlier in the post when I said I had the fever, I was could be anything ("rolls eyes").

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2nd Life

Been at my job for 1 week now. I am enjoying it quite a lot and do think I have made the right choice when it comes to professions.

However I do see a lot of ignorance and stubbornness that really irks me.

Anyways, more later

p.s. I think I will be back on this blog.