Friday, March 27, 2009

Little girls break my heart

I recently went to an Iaido seminar in New Plymouth. Sometime before dinner time I asked my Sensei if he could only have one child, would he rather have a boy or a girl. Now the trick to this question for him was that he has had trouble having children and took him and his wife a while before they had twins! One boy and one girl even. He said that with all the trouble they went through and having both come at the same time, he couldn't possibly answer. 

I retorted that if someone had asked me that same question 3 years earlier, I would have said definitely a boy. Now I would say definitely a girl. 

I think I have wanted a girl for about a year. My reasons are that boys are fun and great, but when they grow up you can't really act the same way with them. Girls, even though their physical appearances change a lot, their demeanor to you doesn't change too much. I would love to have a daddy's girl.

Working at some childcare centres has really confirmed this for me. A little girl called Nikki attached to me the first time she laid eyes on me. I'm not sure why she did but all my paternal instincts just come out when she holds my hand, asks me for a cuddle or just talks in that baby voice. She literally breaks my heart, but so do a lot of baby girls.

It breaks my heart that I don't have a baby girl now.
It breaks my heart because I will have to wait to have one (I need to have a stable income and way of life, otherwise it won't be fair on her)
It breaks my heart because I have a 50% fail rate of getting a girl (could be more, the male gene is strong in my family)
It breaks my heart because the pinhole in my heart cannot hold off the poring love.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Word of the Day #13: Gossamer

I think the sound of this word is very beautiful. It sounds eloquent and exotic.

I thought it was mostly used as an adjective but it is more of a noun.

Pronounced: Gos-sa-mer

(Noun) Any thin, light fabric; a thread or a web of the substance.
(Adjective) Thin and light

Example sentence: The faeries had tiny gossamer wings that looked too delicate to hold them aloft.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

So much easier if it was causation

When I was younger I remember being at school and had messages like, keep it green and be a tidy kiwi. 

These days those same messages are being used but others that have seeped in are keep nz beautiful (a stolen phrase from Max clothing), reduce-reuse-recycle  (used at the latter end of my school years).

I am sure that there are quite a few of us out there that make a consciencely effort to at least not litter or recycle. But the matter of fact is that it really is 1 rotten apple spoils the lot. If 10% of the population litter then that is 10% too much. It is much easier to destroy than build. 

What amazes me is that New Zealand wants to be seen as this clean green environment but doesn't have big laws against doing the opposite of this. If you look at Singapore, there are heavy fines for spitting (I think like $500), chewing gum is banned (I'm totally for this), and littering is a huge fine too.

We have places like Wellington and Waitakere where rubbish bags need to be purchased so we can throw out our rubbish. My question is...why aren't wheelie bins used? Both require the use of a big truck to come and take our rubbish away but wheelie bins don't require loads and loads of plastic bags to be produced (isn't reduce one of the big R's?). Sure they could be biodegradable recycled bags but is recycle/reuse better than reduce?

It is easy to ignore a big faceless company (or city council) when they do things that in essence litter our country. But it is much harder to ignore it when people do this. I myself was a non-conscience litterer several years back and I was very embarrassed when a very good friend told me off about it one day, and I thank him very much for doing so. I now very consciencely try not to litter. 

The people that I really want to focus on is actually smokers. These people in my opinion are the biggest litterers in our society. How many times have you seen one of these people flick their cigarette butt into the gutter, the road, out of their cars...everywhere. Sure the butts are quite small but how many times do they do this per day. If they can consciencely do this, what about normal litter? I think that a huge portion of litterers are smokers. Could we ever prove this? I don't think so, smokers being litterers is only a correlation, it isn't causation because we all know that non-smokers litter as well. 

I'm just sick of seeing people litter....consciencely too!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tiny Purple Orchids

"Do you believe in fate?"

I read on someone else's blog. I replied with a defiant "NO!"

Then today while I was off to dinner with gf and flatmate. My flatmate exclaimed..."isn't this yours?" picking up a dainty bookmark off the ground. 

Unbeknown to her...I had lost that bookmark not 1 day ago.... ZOMG...Like totally FATE.

However, I think it was through a series of luck and not so scientific explanation, I will break down the process.

* Yesterday was a very calm day. That means no wind....yes it is possible in Wellington.
* It was a Sunday, so trash pickers are probably not working.
* I lost it outside a non-child friendly cafe.
* The surrounding area to this cafe is also not child friendly and perhaps people around this area are not in to petty things.

Therefore with no wind, no people after petty things, no children and no trash pickers. It is only sensible to assume that the bookmark would not be more than 20 feet from where it was lost!

It is a bit scratched now (sorry Max and Ruby! I'll take better care of it this time I promise!) but I didn't hesitate to plonk it into my book.


Yeah nah

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hot n Cold: Katy Perry

I've always been asking people...rather be too cold or too hot?
I've never noticed but people actually answer this question wrong.

The typical cold answer is, oh I rather be too cold because I can just put on more clothes.
The typical hot answer is, too hot, because I don't like the cold.

First off, why doesn't anyone say...oh I rather be too hot, cause then I can go have a cold beer, find an air conditioned room and chill.

But my main point is people who typically answer I rather be too cold because I can just put on more clothes is actually not answering the question. 

Isn't the idea of the question, which one you could suffer more? Not what are ways you can get around being too cold/hot?

My answer to my own question is I rather be too hot because I feel that the cold is more attuned to suffering, while being too hot is like the after effects of a big work out or sports, so I don't feel like I am suffering (tho if you put me in the middle of the Sahara.....)

Whats this to do with Katy Perry? 


she's hot tho

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Word of the Day #12: Bucolic

A word that I will rarely use I think, but good to know.

Pronouced: bue-co-lic

Meaning: sugguesting of a rural life, pertaining a country life style

Example Sentence: I would love to have a bucolic lifestyle.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

I wonder when a father stops seeing their son/daughter as a child (as oppose to seeing them as an adult). The thing is probably never.

Now you can look at it at the reverse and ask, when does a child stop being a child in their own eyes when their father is involved. I want my father to respect me and take pride in what I do. I also want to not present myself as a child and be reliant on him.

However I find my self wanting to sit a little lower in the car, so I can look up at my dad. I want to feel that nostalgia. When I get sick I want my dad to come and take care of me, to feel my head, to give some small words of comfort.

I'm not sure if others feel this way and I wonder when this 'want' will go away. Is it when I have children of my own? Will this also affect the way my father perceives me?

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Word of the day #11: Hitherto

Very interesting word in my opinion and another word I would never have come across until I read fantasy books. It sounds so knowledgeable to me when you say it.

Pronouced: hith-er-to

Meaning: up until now

Example sentence: Who knew hitherto, that I liked to book blog.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

India was last seen tapping two blue mana

I'm not too sure about the politics in the sub-continent. India and Patkistan have been at war since the time of stupid, and who knows what they are fighting about now. Most likely the conversation went something like...

"Hey my toes aren't fat!"
"Well my legs aren't chubby, Mohan said you said my legs are chubby!"
"arrrgghh, let go of my hair......"
"arggghhh my eye..."

But the fighting isn't just between those two countries, there is civil war in Sri Lanka and leaders are getting capped in Pakistan every year so it seems.

But one thing that all these countries have in common is that their number one sport is Cricket. The sub-continent is practically half the world's game and to think that anything to put that sport into jeoprady is insane.

Well the insanity has happened and a few days ago the Sri Lankan cricket team got shot at while en route to some venue. 

The problem now lies in, why did they target a cricket team? Do the terrorists want some retaliation? Did they disagree with an LBW decision during their innings on a sunday game? Are they anti-cricketers? Were they picked last in school every day? 

Monday, March 02, 2009

Word of the Day #10: Nice we don't know what that means.....your such a moron Enchante.

Thats what I thought! But I think we have a lot of misconceptions of this word. yes we all know that it means good or pleasant. 

Example Sentence: That was a nice hug.

But it also has other meaning. 

Pronouced: Nice (Rhymes with mice!)

1) accurate
2) subtle

Example sentence:
1)That was a nice shot. 
The misconception we have here is that we think that nice here means good, like good shot. But what it actually means here is that it was an accurate shot.

2) That was a nice distinction.
The misconception here is that we think nice here again means good. Like that was awesome how you picked out that difference there. But what it actually means, was that it was a subtle distinction between say, two jackets with the only difference being the cuffs on them.

So you see, such simple words that we didn't know how to use properly!