Friday, March 13, 2009

Hot n Cold: Katy Perry

I've always been asking people...rather be too cold or too hot?
I've never noticed but people actually answer this question wrong.

The typical cold answer is, oh I rather be too cold because I can just put on more clothes.
The typical hot answer is, too hot, because I don't like the cold.

First off, why doesn't anyone say...oh I rather be too hot, cause then I can go have a cold beer, find an air conditioned room and chill.

But my main point is people who typically answer I rather be too cold because I can just put on more clothes is actually not answering the question. 

Isn't the idea of the question, which one you could suffer more? Not what are ways you can get around being too cold/hot?

My answer to my own question is I rather be too hot because I feel that the cold is more attuned to suffering, while being too hot is like the after effects of a big work out or sports, so I don't feel like I am suffering (tho if you put me in the middle of the Sahara.....)

Whats this to do with Katy Perry? 


she's hot tho

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