Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

I wonder when a father stops seeing their son/daughter as a child (as oppose to seeing them as an adult). The thing is probably never.

Now you can look at it at the reverse and ask, when does a child stop being a child in their own eyes when their father is involved. I want my father to respect me and take pride in what I do. I also want to not present myself as a child and be reliant on him.

However I find my self wanting to sit a little lower in the car, so I can look up at my dad. I want to feel that nostalgia. When I get sick I want my dad to come and take care of me, to feel my head, to give some small words of comfort.

I'm not sure if others feel this way and I wonder when this 'want' will go away. Is it when I have children of my own? Will this also affect the way my father perceives me?


Anna Rose said...

I definitely think as I have gotten older my Dad (or Pa as I call him) has gone from more of a father figure to a daddy figure in my eyes. Perhaps because he no longer needs to provide me, but still has to protect me.

Enchante said...

Great comment. I do think there is a time when you don't need a 'father' anymore, but we all want 'daddy'

meg said...

I still like my mum and dad to look after me when i'm not well and give me hugs when i'm sad, don't think that'll ever change.