Thursday, March 05, 2009

India was last seen tapping two blue mana

I'm not too sure about the politics in the sub-continent. India and Patkistan have been at war since the time of stupid, and who knows what they are fighting about now. Most likely the conversation went something like...

"Hey my toes aren't fat!"
"Well my legs aren't chubby, Mohan said you said my legs are chubby!"
"arrrgghh, let go of my hair......"
"arggghhh my eye..."

But the fighting isn't just between those two countries, there is civil war in Sri Lanka and leaders are getting capped in Pakistan every year so it seems.

But one thing that all these countries have in common is that their number one sport is Cricket. The sub-continent is practically half the world's game and to think that anything to put that sport into jeoprady is insane.

Well the insanity has happened and a few days ago the Sri Lankan cricket team got shot at while en route to some venue. 

The problem now lies in, why did they target a cricket team? Do the terrorists want some retaliation? Did they disagree with an LBW decision during their innings on a sunday game? Are they anti-cricketers? Were they picked last in school every day? 

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