Saturday, March 26, 2011

What is life?

I love my job.

I teach year 3 children, which means they come to be at age 6 or 7, and leave at the end of year age 7 and 8. I often tell people I love my job and that I am so happy to talk about my job and what I do, what shenanigans my children do. Yes, I do call them my children, all 28 of them.

I love my job. Sometimes I think it is what keeps me going day to day.

Outside of my job, I have good friends. I have money to spend on what I want, but often I feel like it doesn't mean much. I don't have anyone to look after and am too old...and not old enough to be looked after. I just don't have a responsibility outside of school life. Seems sad right?

I'm not sure if this is my quarter life crisis. I haven't had the urge to buy big things. Yet I feel that school life is what keeps me going even if it is over worked and you have to deal with crappy parents sometimes.

I hope I find my equilibrium soon.