Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missing You

Can you miss someone when they are still there beside you?
You can presume that it is the thought that your love one is going away and you will miss them when they are gone.

But what if you miss them when they are still next to aren't assuming you will miss them in the future but right here and now.

Then it comes down to the definition of missing someone. To miss someone is by definition that they have gone away, and hence you miss their presence.

But what if you DO miss them when they are still next to you. Have you just broken the space time continuum?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Love is?

Watching them take their first breathe
Seeing their eyes open for the first time
Feeling those little fingers grip tightly around your own
Isn't that what love is?

Watch them walk, talk and fall
See them grow and soon to become too heavy
Feel those cuddles and the warmth they have
Isn't that what love is?

Watch them cry on the first day of kindy
See them warily make friends
Feel your own tears as they become independant
Isn't that what love is?

Watch them play sports and sing
See them succeed and their failings
Feel their tears as your wipe them away
Isn't that what love is?

Love is?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

People are stupid, especially the stupid ones

Trading Spouses is an American TV show that depicts two families. The twist is the wives of the two families swap over for a week. The moral of the story, is that every family has their way of doing things and each family has something to teach each other.

I saw my first episode of the UK version called Wife Swap last night. I have normally avoided this program because the two families are absolutely nuts and I can't see anything good from watching it. I have forgotten the names of the families but in family 1, was a well off family who's mother was a clean freak and did everything for her children. Family 2 was probably a below average income family who's mother did sweet nothing with her time. Cleaning to her was tidying up for 5 minutes. Her children's room smelled like pee, and she got her husband to do most of the house work.

In the end, family 1's wife, decided that she was a little uptight and loosened the leash to allow rugs to be played on, but still maintained her cleanliness and did everything for her children. She did realised the need to spend quality time with her husband.
Family 2's wife, acted in my opinion like any non-educated person would have; she saw what would benefit her family, what perhaps she needed to do to make her life and her family's life better. In her own approx words "I'm a bitch because I've let my family live like this but I'm still a bitch because I'm not going to change."

By no means am I the perfect being, however, I thought family 1's wife, should let her children be children more. Children need to stand on their own two feet, a lot of learning takes place when mistakes are made.

To have gone through a "life changing experience" and then not doing anything about it is ignorance and stupidity.
If your children's room smells of pee, and you do nothing about it, that is neglect.
Perhaps the TV show bent many truths, but if I was working for childcare services, I would be knocking on their door asap.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Human Need

Feeling wanted and loved has to be the best feeling in the world. Above satisfaction, above relief, above everything.

I went to pick up my bookcase from St Josephs today. When I got off the van and the children saw me (came just after the bell had rung), they practically jumped on me, gave me big hugs and told me how much they had missed me even though it had only been 2 days (not including the weekend). I stayed for the lunch time just to watch them all play indoors (it was raining), laugh and giggle.

When kids are being kids you only wish you were one again.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Farewell Room 2

Today was my last day at St Joseph's School in Otahuhu. I have had such a blast there and loved the kids to bitss. All the kids are so responsive and you can't help but like them and want to give them all cuddles. At the end of the day, my Associate Teacher gave a speech and handed me some presents, then the kids read out a speech they had also prepared. It was such a touching moment that I had to fight back the tears. When it was my turn to present my AT a gift, I read out a short blurb about her and I almost cried then as well!

About half the boys gave me repeated man hugs and half the girls gave me girly hugs.

I will miss my darlings from room 2 so much.