Monday, November 12, 2007

Farewell Room 2

Today was my last day at St Joseph's School in Otahuhu. I have had such a blast there and loved the kids to bitss. All the kids are so responsive and you can't help but like them and want to give them all cuddles. At the end of the day, my Associate Teacher gave a speech and handed me some presents, then the kids read out a speech they had also prepared. It was such a touching moment that I had to fight back the tears. When it was my turn to present my AT a gift, I read out a short blurb about her and I almost cried then as well!

About half the boys gave me repeated man hugs and half the girls gave me girly hugs.

I will miss my darlings from room 2 so much.

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Ravindra Kumar said...

Good thought. People misunderstand because of their perceptions and past experiences.We never try tto get rid of our past. we continue to live in it, remember it. Once you leave your past and lok at ebery new experience a fresh one then it is possible to develop faith and trust. Of course ther will still be bad experiences.