Monday, March 02, 2009

Word of the Day #10: Nice we don't know what that means.....your such a moron Enchante.

Thats what I thought! But I think we have a lot of misconceptions of this word. yes we all know that it means good or pleasant. 

Example Sentence: That was a nice hug.

But it also has other meaning. 

Pronouced: Nice (Rhymes with mice!)

1) accurate
2) subtle

Example sentence:
1)That was a nice shot. 
The misconception we have here is that we think that nice here means good, like good shot. But what it actually means here is that it was an accurate shot.

2) That was a nice distinction.
The misconception here is that we think nice here again means good. Like that was awesome how you picked out that difference there. But what it actually means, was that it was a subtle distinction between say, two jackets with the only difference being the cuffs on them.

So you see, such simple words that we didn't know how to use properly!

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