Monday, January 21, 2008

Missing You 2: Logic vs Heart

My girl found a job in Wellington and has been there for 2 weeks now. I would be lying if I said that I don't miss her. The thing is, I don't really show it and express it that much (at least not as much as she wants).

Those that know me, know me as a very logical person. Everything that I do, I do logically. Now that is to say that I am not without emotion, in Star Trek terms I'm probably a Half-Vulcan, I think logically yet I have emotions and can evoke them.

Last year, a fellow blogger called RK Singh commented on my Missing You post. He said "Missing is not a physical entity but it is to be felt in your heart."

Now, since I show little emotion about missing my girl because my logic overrides it, am I a heartless bastard? Or is it that I do miss her but because I don't show it enough, I am just a bastard?

I am here to rectify the situation.
Sweetie, I miss you.

To pieces even.

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CZ said...

I love you too~