Thursday, January 31, 2008

No Deal, No Deal, No Deal

Gosh, stupidity is everywhere. It surrounds me like a fog. It tries to suffocate me. It even tries to convert me when I am at my weakest. Stupidity makes me angry, it makes be laugh out loud, it even dismays me. I am at eternal war with it. Death to stupidity!

Game shows are great, they give such good family entertainment value. The ones that are the successful are ones that have audience interaction and when audiences are willing the contestant to win big. Deal or No Deal, is one such game show.

The beauty of this game (from the eyes of the producer) is: in general peoples maths skills are extremely bad, they are greedy, they are willing to take risks. The common saying is..."I came here with nothing."

One lady, went on the show. She said she wanted to get $20K, the moment came around and she was offered $22K with 4 still on the board (100K, 20K, $50, $250). Statistically speaking, she should have left, because the risk of loss is great and she was already offered more than the second biggest number on the table. This lady left with 50 bucks.
Another lady, left with 50 cents after being offered 20K with 5 still on the board (200K, 5K, $250, $100, 50 cents).

Education is important kiddies. Now if you try a little harder in maths (at school), maybe you'll walk away with 20K next time on Deal or No Deal, instead of letting half the southern hemisphere know your a dumbass.

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