Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Thank You Mouthful

I think that there are many foods and drinks out there that taste horrible. Utterly revolting, and yet we force these products down our throats.

In foods, it can be anything from mushrooms to crocodile meat. In liquid refreshments, I am mostly talking about alcohol but include drinks like spirulina.

There are foods which at the beginning taste horrible, but because we expose ourselves to them often we get desensitized to the bad taste and eventually it tastes good.
Alcohol is a prime example. Making a big assumption, I think that the first time anybody ever has alcohol, it tastes horrible to them. However, it is accepted by society to drink, and so we almost force ourselves to like it.

Is forcing ourselves to eat/drink something we don't like, so we become desensitized to it a form of masochism?

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