Friday, April 18, 2008

Our own worst enemy

Being sick is horrible. You don't feel like yourself. You feel drained. You don't want to do much.

Thank Allah we have medicine to make life bearable.

I got to thinking however, there are many diseases and illness that are a natural progression. But how many illness are cause by us humans because of our ever expanding technology?

An example would be swimming pools. Public swimming pools are a great place, it is clean and fun. To keep it clean they need to put chlorine into the pool, but this can cause skin welts and rashes. So to combat this, we put on vaseline and wash with aqueous cream.
Another would be side effects to drugs e.g. the pill makes woman fat etc

How many other illnesses are caused by our need to have a better life, a more comfortable life.


(slightly) less cynical said...

With so many antibacterial products removing good organisms along with the bad, I wonder if my messy house is why my son has yet to be majorly ill, while babies around him suffer from flus and ear infections...

Enchante said...

Indeed. My girlfriend said to me that her grandma would let her crawl around the floor and she never got sick. But once she got to a "cleaner" environment, she got sick!