Friday, April 25, 2008

No such thing as a free lunch.

There are many ways companies try and entice us to buy there products. The most common of them all is sales. 20% off...50% day only! Infomercials would use the classic line...and thats not all...if you call within the next 15 minutes we'll thrown in this hunk of junk...a $20 value...FREE! More recently with the failing economy, companies use the interest free lay-by to get sales.

Sometimes it's the small little details that people like, and what I like about when buying products is a 24 hour helpline. These are numbers you can ring at any time of the night and ask for help on your product. Now, let me ask you...when is this not a good thing?

New Zealand: 0800 2xx-xx6

After 3 automated questions, I get a person with an Indian accent. The line quality is really bad. The person on the end of the line asks all these questions that you know what you need to tell him before he asks the question. He doesn't fix your problem. You ring again, you get someone from Canada, who doesn't fix your problem. He gets his supervisor...he's from some other country.

Couldn't I just have told him my problem and he goes about the quickest way to fix my problem, and if he knew he couldn't do it, then he should have gotten someone who could have?

No...that would be too easy.

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