Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Secret Shame

There are things people like to do. We like to go shopping with our friends, we eat out, we go and play sports. These things are all human nature and are considered normal.

There are other things that are part of everyday life that are considered normal, but because of how we go about doing them make them weird. It can be a daunting chore for most people but is considered enjoyable to you. It can be a time consuming task, and in this day and age where time is so precious why would you want to do it.

To me washing the dishes is a thankless chore, it is time consuming and really doesn't benefit us that much except to get dirty again, and yet we have to do it because of hygiene reasons. However one of my friends likes to wash the dishes because he said it relaxes him, he whistles when he does it and even volunteers to do my dishes.

Perhaps it isn't such a secret shame but to me it's filthy!

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