Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hippo in front of Campus

I had an idea for my blog today but as usual I did not note it down, and I have totally forgotten what it was about. I have had many distractions and somewhere in the chaos, I left my memory somewhere.

Memory is such a fragile thing. It is so important that we have memory. Without it, there would be no such thing as emotions and/or feelings. There can be no happiness and there cannot be sadness.

There are different types of memory. Those that make up who we are, we know our names our abilities, these are the things help to make up our identity.

Others such as muscle memory, which help us to do certain things with multiple exposures or after many practice sessions.

Of course there are other types of memories but I'm not a doctor and you did not come here for a lesson in how memory works.

While typing this blog out, I have actually remembered what I wanted to really blog about, but that will have to wait for tomorrow or perhaps another day. (p.s. this blog was a memory cue)

Don't take your memory for granted or you'll end up like Charlton Heston or HM (refer: .

Remember to thank your memory before you go to bed tonight and any other night that you remember.

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