Thursday, November 06, 2008

Ready or not, here I come!

Children are so funny, it is amazing how much they think they know and an instant just freeze up when asked a simple question. Words like naive and ignorance are not part of their vocabulary and even if they were would not associate those words to themselves. However, that is a little unfair as how often do people put negative connotations to themselves?

What I find amusing is how kids try to lie or hide things from you and think they do such a great job of it. Suddenly putting things behind their back when I come around the corner. Say thing is happening when 2 seconds ago I heard shouting and running.

Not here to say if I think kids are stupid, they are very intelligent in their own way, however, they would be a lot smarter if they could see their own fallibility and when they grow up we wouldn't have a society of people in denial.

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