Friday, October 17, 2008

You Can't be Serious!

There are campaigns in New Zealand for Push play. Push play is a national campaign to get New Zealand families and their children to exercise more everyday. The program is in schools and is looking to be quite successful.

Now these types of campaigns will be the antithesis to games/toy campaigns which require indoor play. Usually I am fine with toys and games, children need multiple types of stimulation to further growth and this includes computer games and the like.

But this new sensation (which I only heard of 5 minutes before writing this post) is disguising me.
It is called the iTeddy. I thought it was a new Apple Inc product but I was sadly mistaken.

It is a teddy with a built in dvd/games/tv/music player so now the children won't have to bother their parents anymore! Every neglectful parents dream toy! No wonder it will be a hot sell.



iTeddy said...

I think the iTeddy is a great toy for kids. I can remember as a child, I used to have one of those old-fashioned teddybears, but would I have loved the iTeddy. I also think it's a great way for kids to learn technology being safe at the same time!

Enchante said...

There are better ways for kids to learn technology. Gods know that TV and Video games are why people like me wear glasses today. Start 2 year olds watching TV from 1-2 feet away?

Give them a walkman/ipod and they can learn about technology.