Saturday, January 10, 2009

I gain 6 life.

After having such an extended break from my friends (because I moved to Wellington) it was so good to see all of them for Christmas/New Years. Some of them have changed (for the better) and some of them are still the same, but all were just awesome.
Shaun my best friend is really growing as a person and moving out of the house is doing him wonders.
Koray changing his name back was the first big step towards normality but still has heaps to learn.
Daz was good fun and very welcoming even if I was at his house almost everyday!
Team Cumberpatch, always good to see you guys.
Leigh and Pat, no Cannelloni! Good to play Bball with you though Pat.
David great to see you, and I think your my new coffee drinking buddy!
James Farrier, was great hanging out with you dude.
Chang Family: Family is more and more important the older I get.

Nik and Fern: Miss you guys heaps, come back soon?
My girl. See you soon, missed you heaps

Anna, James' girlfriend, sweet and nice, making a new friend is great

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anna rose said...

I was also suprised that James had a girlfriend. Was fun getting to know you! Looking forward to our next gathering.