Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stupidity is a state, not an event.

/start rant

Fact 1: I am getting older
Fact 2: I like to think that I am getting wiser
Fact 3: I like to think that I am getting more patient

Why is it that I act like some young impatient idiot when it comes to stupid people. I am so positive that it is the thing I hate most in the world. Stupid people drive me crazy, I don't know why they are stupid...but they just are.

I always question why people are stupid. Are they like that cause they were born dumb (I don't believe this). Was it because the education system failed them? (possibly). Was it because their parents failed them? (probably). Is it because they don't know they are stupid and/or they do not actively go out to improve themselves. (definitely maybe).

To recap, I really despise stupid people. I don't want to talk to them, I don't want to work with them, I almost don't have the patience to help them improve themselves. Not saying I'm the smartest guy in the world and you should all worship my awesomeness but I'm just using a highlighter pen to highlight the important parts. (although I do do stupid things...but that doesn't make me stupid..hence the title...hint..hint.)

/end rant

Light comic relief.

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