Friday, June 06, 2008

Buying Anonymity

So I sat down on a long brown couch which looked very inviting and sunk deeply into it. I felt around with my hand, pushing the cushion here and there then poking at the couch cushion next to me. Feeling dissatisfied I got up and looked for another seat. I was looking for the green one-seater couch I had sat in before, and it wasn't long before I saw them. It wasn't in the most appetizing of spots but I was willing to tolerate it because of the comfortableness that the green couch offered. I opened up 'Last argument of Kings' (to the chapter I was at) and began to read, immersed in the world of Joe Abercrombie. Not before long my latte in a cup arrives to interrupt the dealings of Logan and his ponderings. I added two sugars, stirred, took a sip, and just stared out the window looking at nothing in particular. I looked back towards my book and thought "this is the life, if only I could have more moments like this."

Now it wasn't so much as being able to sit in a cafe, drink coffee and read my current book that made me all sentimental. What it doesn't tell you was that it was my day off work. I didn't have to think about anything else. There was nothing to worry about at home, there was no obligations at that particular point and time except for me to read my book and do whatever I felt like doing at that time. Sometimes it's about watching a movie with my girl, sometimes it's going out and having lunch with a good mate.

Perhaps that is why I would like to be rich (don't confuse this with being famous), it would create more days/chances I would have less obligations and therefore have more days where I feel sentimental.
I also want to have children, but that would create more obligations, conflicting with my need for sentimental days! Or is it that by having children I would create more sentimental days, but instead of having a read and a coffee, it would be my child running towards me when I come home from work and yelling "DADDY!"

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(slightly) less cynical said...

Children definitely take away from the quiet reading in the cafe type of experience, but you nailed it when you talked about the after-work running-and-"DADDY!"-yelling -- that will never get old.