Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Diagnosing Adulthood

The Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (as known as the DSM) is a book that helps diagnose mental illness' such as autism, schizophrenia etc...

The DSM helps mostly doctors to diagnose patients, but sometimes their diagnoses can be the different between the sane and the mentally disabled.

On Wikipedia is says:
The DSM-IV-TR states that, because it is produced for mental health specialists, its use by people without clinical training can lead to inappropriate application of its contents. Appropriate use of the diagnostic criteria is said to require extensive clinical training, and its contents “cannot simply be applied in a cookbook fashion” *** DSM-IV-TR = 4th edition text revised version.

This helps to prevent common people like you and me looking through the book, ticking off the requirements and think we or someone we know have some mental illness. However, I am thinking of a different thing for this blog. I have always wanted to know when do people become adults. I have a small criteria list and although it is not extensive, I think it is quite a good reflection.

You must meet this first requirement because under the law you will still be a child.
* Am over the age of 18

You must meet at least 1 of these critera
* Have bought a house before
* Lived away from home
* Have children

You must meet at least 1 of these criteria
* Have had a long term relationship
* Have a driver's license with no restrictions
* Have had sex before
* Have stopped maturing physically

Three or more of the following, each present for a significant portion of time during a one-month period
* Can be objective even when involving oneself
* Independent, the ability to self rely.
* Moral understandings between right and wrong
* Ability to make decisions that you don't like
* Ability to say sorry, not necessarily because you mean it, but because it is the right thing to do
* Have an altruistic nature


I will soon move out of the house soon, which will promote me from child to adult according to my guide. Hopefully I don't suck at it too much.


(slightly) less cynical said...

For the moving away part, does it count if I moved back home, penniless, after 5 months away?

Enchante said...

perhaps i needed to say how long you needed to move away from home for.But i would think yes, 3 months is about long enough i think and, moving back home is showing humility!