Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Delusions of Grandeur

Goals: Something that we set ourselves to achieve. They can be short term goals or they can be long term goals. Short term goals consists of things like, doing well in an exam, playing a good game of footy or remember to write a blog post every week. Long term goals (a.k.a dreams) can consist of, owning a Porsche, going on a round the world vacation or setting up a business. 

Goals are there for us to strive towards. It motivates us and gives us a little bit of meaning to our lives. 

But I wonder about delusions of grandeur. Sometimes we can daydream. Maybe you daydream about doing something heroic. A bus crashes and you help some injured people off. A kid on a rugby field collapses and you are the only one that can give CPR. You score the match winning try for your team. You giving your boss his short comings.

Most of these delusions will never happen to a lot of us, but it won't stop us from daydreaming or subconsciously thinking about it. 

So my question is, is it healthy to be having these daydreams? Essentially setting unachievable goals. In the former instances, they involve people getting hurt because you can' be that 'hero' without them getting hurt first. Would you rather be the hero or not have anyone hurt in the first place? Is it bad your thinking about people getting hurt?

On the other hand, these daydreams make you feel happy, even if it is only for that moment in time. So is there anything wrong with it? Your not hurting other people, it doesn't cost you anything tangible.

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