Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let me introduce to you my friend, PAIN!

Pain. The signal that our bodies send to us that we are in physical danger. Some pain is of no consequence, others become injuries while others more so. Sometimes we blackout because the pain is too much. That is again another one of the bodies defensive mechanism's. When pain is too much the body makes us blackout to prevent us from experiencing more pain.

Because of Rugby, every week I am having a few niggles. My first week I hyper-extended my right ring finger and this week I rammed my knee into someone else's knee. He was bigger. My knee was smaller...I think even you guys know enough about physics to know the result. 

So I've been icing up these past few days and feeling just a bit like an old bugger.

Here are some pain quotes that I have remembered.

"It's only pain, it'll go away."

"Pain reminds us that we're still alive."

"Pain is just the bodies reminder to us to stop being stupid."

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