Wednesday, April 15, 2009


When is time wasted? Some may argue that anything leisurely is time wasted. Using my blog as an example. It doesn't really serve any purpose. It isn't for charity. I don't get paid for it. It doesn't further my job prospects. What it does do is make me happy; that I get to vent/rant/debate. People reading this might enjoy it.

Wasted? Perhaps this one is 'eye of the beholder' example.

Using a better example is time spent at university. A lot of us (me included) spent a lot time at university doing nothing. Yes. nothing. Sure we got some goatskin document reading Bachelor of Something Useless. Sure it was at a  top 1% university in the world but really what I was doing and many other people were doing was wasting time.

I have a psychology degree. What did I learn? That I didn't want to be a psychologist. That I didn't like studying. I didn't like having no money. Essentially I was wasting my time. Why? Because at the moment I don't have much to do with psychology except for the every day kind. The one purpose my degree did was allow myself to enroll in a post graduate diploma in teaching, which takes one year (otherwise it takes 3 years). However, any degree would have been feasible. That means I could have done any degree, perhaps something that was more useful, something I would have enjoyed a lot more. 

Other people have done degrees and post graduate work in a certain field and have gone on to become a personal assistant. Done a diploma in teaching moved to another country and have not taught. 

Is this not time wasted? You can argue that every experience gives you some value. I can't disagree but how valuable is it? Was it worth 3+ years, stress, your money?

Yet without wasting our time, will we perceive time as such a valuable commodity?

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