Thursday, April 23, 2009

World famous in..........the Naki (Taranaki)

In March I got to go to an Iaido Seminar in New Plymouth. It was an awesome experience and will hopefully get to go to another one soon. 

Anyways, during the first day of the seminar there was a guy taking heaps of pictures of me. Not of anyone else....just me. Then I got interviewed for 'The Taranaki Daily' 

Here is the pic and I'll type out the article too......don't laugh too hard.

FENDING four enemies off with a flashing sword is hard work - even if it's all in your mind. Experts in the Japanese martial art of Iai-Do gathered at Woodleigh School in New Plymouth last weekend to showcase their craft. There were about a dozen Iai-Do fanatics putting their long swords into scabbards and donning black outfits at the school's hall as they performed their routines. The sport focuses on the teaching of forms and does not involve direct sparring. "It is like dance, except with a deadly influence," Chris Jones of the New Plymouth Iai-Do Association said. "It helps develop strong personality, strong mind, good character and strong moral fibre." Mr Jones said he had always been fascinated with Japanese culture and martial arts because it was such an interior challenge. "Your only opponent is yourself." Fellow enthusiast Enchante Chang, of Wellington, had only been in the sport for about a year. He said he enjoyed not worrying about other people. "You're just perfecting really fine moves. It's really subtle." But just because it was solitary, the sport should not be seen as easy. "If you're not sweating, you're not doing it right," he said.


David Chambers said...

You certainly make it look serious! :)

Enchante said... Sensei Brent, says that Asian people have that look that Europeon's can't imitate in martial arts.