Friday, February 13, 2009

Before they are hanged

It is very ironic and sad that while New South Wales is flooding, that Victoria was emblazoned with wild devastating bush fires. I think the total number of dead has past 200 and around 1000 homes are gone. The worst thing? That perhaps there were multiple arsonists at work. What are these people thinking? What possible gain do they have for doing something like this? The good thing to come out of it is even though we are in a heavy recession, New Zealanders and Australians (especially) are donating a lot of money to help out the cause. Red Cross NZ has pledged more than 1 million dollars and are not deducting costs of admin and bank fees. 

It is going to take years for those broken families to get over it, the land will be unusable for at least 6 months (could be a lot more, I'm not sure).

So far they have caught 2 arsonist, but they only caused small fires apparently (still killing 21 people). I hope they caught all the bastards, and then I hope the families forgive them...

But not before they are hanged.

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