Thursday, February 19, 2009

Probladox (My made up word for a solution that causes more problems)

I remember when I was younger, I didn't read very much. I'm not sure why I didn't. I think perhaps it was because I wasn't good at reading, but then I remember reading some books that I liked and I never thought to myself "oh this is too hard."

I think that text based computers games helped me a lot with my reading and with those text based computer games came the internet. At the beginning stages of the internet, it was all very much fun, there was no internet lingo, ICQ was just starting to become big and all was fine. 

I guess one of my first internet acronyms was a/s/l (age/sex/location). Yeah you know the one. 

ah oh

Around this same time, cellphones were being more readily available to the wider market. I remember my first phone, it was an Alcatel and it was pretty much a brick. But when I first got it, it was one of the latest models and the kids at school were like oooo.... a little history on cellphones during this time was that most phones could not text in lower case letters and only the network provider would text you in lower case. So when I got a text saying "please tell your momma to move her ass, as she is blocking our satellite. vodafone." I had to really laugh.

I think that it was hard to meet people back in the days. The only ways to really meet people were school, work, social clubs. To meet with people you would have to ring them as well and talk....actually talk, we know how awkward it can be, how do we not sound like a dork, what do you say? I think that the internet has really helped the former problem. There are so many social networking sites, or websites to meet people. The cellphone via text messaging helped with the latter problem. However both of these solutions creates more problems. You would have thought that programs like ICQ would help people type more and thus get better at it and thus be able to spell better. [insert Tui Billboard here(New Zealand joke...sorry!)]. Instead what it created was internet acronyms and abbreviations; text language with cellphones. Both of these can create massive inabilities to be able to communicate with the other person. 

I cbf xplanin evythg 2 u nw, bt maybe ltr. 

It can lead to the inability to read a decent piece of text properly too, especially if any government in the world wants to legislate that text language be made into an official language even for a school test/exam. Jesus, who was smoking some serious shit when they put that idea forward. Then you get to the point of, god yes, this guys is terribly boring, what the fuck is he saying? Is he some kind of social dork? Is he trying to text me right now?!?!?! He seemed so interesting during texting (that's because we never get to practice speaking to real people much now do we?). 

Or more recently, you get some psycho dude from the South Island who fakes things on the internet. Then when you get here from Germany, takes your passport away from you! Ok, that one is an extreme case, but you should get the picture.

I'm not sure how to solve the problem. Is there a there a problem?

Some of my friends would tell me to gtfo or stfu.

But seriously, in the world where we want to push and push for education, is the internet and cellphone more benefical or more harmful?


Kaki said...

wtf is wrong with TLAs u pos?

Enchante said...


this is exactly my point!

wtf is TLAs?

David Chambers said...

Three letter acronyms, ftr.