Monday, February 16, 2009

Beyond 2000: The medical edition

For those of you that remember the Beyond 2000, I bet you are laughing now. Those of you that don't know what it is, it was simply a TV Program that would have "advanced" technology. The program would "promote" these new technologies that could/would be avaliable to you beyond the year 2000! What the program didn't know was that technology would advance exponentially. Things that were unfathomable, like decoding the human genome that was said to finished decoding in around 2025 was decoded in 2003...why? Because technological advancement in computers was so dramatic. 

That leads me to my actual topic. Resveratrol.

Resveration is a new compound. Place most commonly found? Red Wine.
The compound is actually found in the skin of grapes. This compound functions by activing the longevity gene in animal bodies. This longevity gene helps us to lose weight, to fight off disease, to live longer. Study using overfed rats showed that those that were given resveratrol ran faster than other overfed rats and ran twice as far. Another factor was that, those that were given resveratrol gained less weight. WOW.

Then I think back, a while ago broccoli was the big find because it helped to prevent cancer! Where has that study lead?

Stem Cell research was the big thing, it got scrapped and now Obama is just reviving it. 

I am just so skeptical now about these programs even though they are promoting such great and wonderful things. Don't get me wrong, I hope they succeed, I hope I proven to be an idiot, but my brain says, no.

The scientists in the program says that in around 5 years time reservatrol will be on the market in pill form. Definitely in our life time.

Tune in next time to Beyond 2000: The medical edition where we look at the pill that prevents diabetes.

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